A headshot of me, Jeff Heaton

Jeff Heaton is a full-time designer, part-time food nerd, some-time adventurer, and every-time dog person. This is his (my) blog and portfolio.

I write about design, cooking, travel, adventure (a catch-all for various activities, mostly outdoor and mostly adrenaline-seeking), and essays on a variety of topics. I also link to content I find useful, interesting, or hilarious. My opinions are wholly my own. Feel free to disregard them as you like. Or argue with me about it on Twitter.


Typefaces are Sentinel for body copy, Vitesse for subheaders, and Forza for everything else. Courtesy of the fine folks at Hoefler&Co. The blog is a custom Jekyll theme, made with Jason Reece's CSS Burrito (for all your SASSy, OOCSS and SMACSS needs), and hosted by Github.